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  Bedtime Story (1964)
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On the Riviera, a European playboy (David Niven) and American GI (Marlon Brando) make a bet on who can be first to seduce the winner of a beauty contest (Shirley Jones).

A ninety-nine minute dose of smirky smut that should have been left on the cutting room floor, epitomizes that blend of tickle-and-tease vulgarity Hollywood mislabels sophisticated comedy. Itís an aptly titled soporific for those interested in the comedy aspects of mental retardation and psychosomatic paralysis.
(Judith Crist)
The wake of the history of the cinema is scattered with bubbling noxious garbage, for there is nothing else in art or entertainment that can quite equal the stink of a can of commercial film that has had the microbes at it, but I don't remember a movie like this for a long time. It makes you feel that civilization might as well give up and leave it to the amoeba again.

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