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  Walking and Talking (1996)
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Earnest relationships comedy about a single woman called Amelia (Catherine Keener) whose best friend, a trainee shrink (Anne Heche), moves out of their shared apartment to get married. The only life-support Amelia knows she can rely upon, her cat, turns out to have cancer.

I suspect there are many people who will find Nicole Holofcener's film charming, true to life and terribly funny. Such people are, I think, in need of psychiatric help and deserve our sympathy. This is the chick flick from hell. Take every boring scene you've ever watched of dull American women - who think they are fascinating simply because they are women - talking about their relationships, their problems with men, their marriage, their sex lives, being single, being dumped, true love, true friendship, pussy cats and periods. Now multiply that tenfold - and you haven't even begun to experience the horror, the banality and the sadistic tedium that is Walking and Talking.
(Cosmo Landesman, Sunday Times)

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