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Ready to Rumble (2000)
Aiming every shot for the bleachers, the cast and crew hit one homerun after another.
 A movie where no joke about raw sewage goes unplumbed... The only rumble associated with this film should be the stampede to the exit doors.
  (James Berardinelli, Reelviews)
 Moronic and insulting.
  (Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly)
 There's not much here for those with ages (or probably IQs) in the double digits.
  (Dave Kehr, Citysearch)
 Not even a centuries-long, post-1985 Chevy Chase retrospective could compare to the agony that is Ready to Rumble.
  (Tor Thorsen, )
 Yes, film fans, there is a new worst movie of all time.
  (Jay Boyar, Orlando Sentinel )
 Spectacularly noisy, subhuman rubbish.
 (Chris Tookey, Daily Mail)
Little Nicky (2000)
The ensemble cast ... makes Little Nicky sizzle.
 Superlative in its dreadfulness.
  (Eric Harrison, Houston Chronicle)
 A mind-boggling mess.
  (Joe Baltake, Sacramento Bee)
 A motley collection of mistimed gags.
  (Dave Kehr, Citysearch)
 So aggressively juvenile - make that infantile - that I feel I should be scrawling this review in crayon.
  (Steven Rosen, Denver Post)
 A movie for people who find pop-up books too intellectually demanding and college keg parties too socially refined. It's that dumb. Maybe even dumber.
  (Steve Tilley, Edmonton Sun)
 Inane, contemptible drivel... Rarely have 84 minutes felt more like eternal damnation.
 (Chris Tookey, Daily Mail)
The Tuxedo (2002)
[Jackie] Chan and [Jennifer Love] Hewitt make an hilarious team worth seeing again. Tuxedo 2? I'm ready!
 The movie is silly beyond comprehension, and even if it weren't silly, it would still be beyond comprehension.
  (Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times)
 The jokes are as fresh as rotten eggs and the direction stoops to the occasion.
  (Wesley Morris, Boston Globe)
 Dull, witless, and exhaustingly incomprehensible.
  (Marc Savlov, Austin Chronicle)
 Deeply terrible.
  (Peter Bradshaw, Guardian)
 The plotting and would-be comic sexual banter are not merely pathetic, but tedious. The Tuxedo is threadbare as regards new ideas and ill-fitting for its star - comfortably Jackie's worst Hollywood movie yet.
 (Chris Tookey, Daily Mail)
Mission to Mars (2000)
An imaginative and magical film.
Black Knight (2001)
Wonderfully charming and side-splittingly funny.
Two Can Play That Game (2001)
Even if [the film] is rather like a sitcom, it is like a really good sitcom. Think Friends.
We Were Soldierrs (2002)
Relying on realism and never manipulation to makes its devastating emotional impact, the movie rings as true as the death of a loved one.
The Ladies Man (2000)
It is extremely funny and wonderfully sweet, although with quite a raunchy brand of humor.
Enough (2002)
If you're looking for an intelligent movie in which you can release your pent up anger, Enough is just the ticket you need.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)
Hudson is so impressive than she could charm the paint off the walls.
Down With Love (2003)
A scrumptious piece of cinematic fluff.
Agent Cody Banks (2003)
What makes this Bond spoof great fun for grade-school kids and older, as well as adults, is the casting.
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
A satisfying adrenaline rush, it is a mindless bit of escapism that speaks to the inner teenage rebel in us all.
SWAT (2003)
An edge-of-your-seat film that doesn't tire you out.
Paycheck (2003)
An intelligent sci-fi thriller that's intriguing and exhilarating, working both as a think piece and as an action picture.
Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)
A fun family film that'll have your brood laughing no matter what their ages.
The Company (2004)
Thoroughly enjoyable as the images wash over you like warm ocean waves.
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